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Meet Dr. Matt Carson

Chiropractor St Albert, Dr. Matt CarsonDr. Matt Carson was born and raised in the Edmonton area. He studied at the University of Alberta, where he received his Bsc in Biological sciences with a minor in business. During University he worked as a Zamboni driver and lifeguard. Upon finishing undergrad he started his doctorate of Chiropractic at the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. After 4 years of rain filled weather he decided to move back to sun filled Alberta.

Chiropractic Approach

Dr. Carson’s goal with chiropractic is to help people move and feel better, so they can get back to the things they love. Having succumbed to many sports related injuries in his life he understands how difficult it can be when you are restricted from moving around due to pain.

Dr. Carson uses a combination of diversified adjusting, soft tissue techniques like ART, and cupping in adjunct with rehab exercise programs he tailors to each specific patient to help get people moving and feeling their best as quick as possible.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Carson stays active by working out regularly, rock climbing, hiking, volleyball, basketball, hockey, baseball, running, swimming and pretty much any activity that can keep him moving and competing.

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